Canderel is recognised by consumers as the UK’s No 1 Sweetener and is the most purchased brand in its sector.

The range offers choices of Aspartame or Sucralose, with products available in sticks, sachets, tablets and 1kg bulk packs. This delivers a consistent solution for front of house and back of house usage. Canderel is big on sweetness and low on calories, giving your customers an alternative choice to sugar.

  • 21TL582R – Canderel Red Granular Sachet
  • 21TL719R –  Canderel Red Granular stick
  • 21TL583R – Canderel Red Tabelt Sachet
  • 21TL064R – Canderel Red 1kg Box
  • 21TL620R –  Canderel Red Drum
  • 21TL582   – Canderel Yellow Granular sachet
  • 21TL719  –  Canderel Yellow Granular Stick
  • 21TL583  – Canderel Yellow Tablet Sachet
  • 21TL064  – Canderel Yellow 1kg Box
  • 21TL620   – Canderel Yellow Drum
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